Thursday, January 01, 2009

Sledding fun!!

Monday night, we went sledding. Jake & Sarah had told us about a good sledding spot by their house, so we called Sarah and the kids to join us. The sledding spot was PERFECT! It's a big basin with steep enough sides to be fun, but too steep for the kids. And the safety factor of a basin is great, too. So here are some pics of our enjoyable (for most of us!) sledding experience! :)
Sherry only made a couple of runs. But here's proof that she did go down!
Megan was thrilled with the idea, can you tell?

Tate, Lexi and Sarah White. Sarah's sled is better than ours - we'll have to get one of those.

Zac taking Abby on a run. She wasn't overly thrilled, but we got her to go anyway.

Abby going down with me. Why do I look like such a dork in all these pictures? (Rhetorical question...)

Tate had no problems going down the hill and Abby ended up going with him a couple of times. Pretty funny to send two littles ones down the hill and watch them.

The pretty scenery.

My crazy husband. Enough explanation, I think.

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