Thursday, January 01, 2009

Olympic Park

We drove to Park City Monday to show Sherry the outlet malls and to check out some of the ski areas. Then we discovered that you can check out the Olympic Park for free. Lots of activities you can pay for, but a free museum and lots of fun stuff to see!
Zac being a goober with the huge pile of snow that had been cleared off the parking lot...
Abby wasn't happy about her booty getting cold while she sat on the snow.

One of the fancy, authentic bobsleds.

Then there was this older bobsled that people could get in. The girls had a BLAST and they kept saying that they were going to see Grams and Grampa.

Playing on the sled/luge things.

While in Park City, we all became champion skiiers. :)

Some of the museum stuff. This is one of the eskimo-type costumes that some of the people wore in the opening ceremonies. I believe they were called Children of Light during the program.

We thought these guys were pretty cool.

Another part of the opening ceremonies....people carried this around during the program so it "flew" around the stadium.

This cool buffalo/bison had autographs of lots of Olympians. Here's
Brian Boitano's autograph!

Gotta get the touristy posing photos! :)

One of the practice jumps. The bottom of this jump ends in a pool, so they can practice in the summer.

And this concludes our tour of Olympic Park. They have lots of other fun stuff you can do if you want to pay (we didn't). You can run the world's steepest zipline for about $25, do an Olympic bobsled run for $200 (we really wanted to - but money doesn't grow on trees, you know), and they have a sledding place that is only $5/person. If the snow is still around (I'm sure it will be) when Hope comes to visit, we want to go there.

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TroxelTribe said...

looks like fun! Man, doing the bobsledding thing would be AWESOME! If I ever have enough monry to not care what I buy, it's SO on the list! :)