Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birthday bike!

I haven't gotten all the pictures from Abby's birthday party uploaded to the computer yet (they're on Zac's big camera) but I wanted to post some of her bike. It was funny when we gave her the bike - she didn't get too excited because I think she knew it was coming. She was excited to have it - but not surprised, I guess. She loooooves having it!! Our new apartment faces the courtyard and has a sidewalk going all the way around the grass. So Abby can ride the big circle as much as she wants and I can see her from inside the house. (Although she prefers for somebody to be out there watching her.) Here are some pictures of her riding...and some of Daddy riding with her.

Here she is, riding as soon as we got home from her party. She's wearing her swimsuit and coverup; she wouldn't even take the time to change clothes! :)

Zac doesn't usually ride bikes in his dress clothes (going for the missionary look, I guess. haha) but Abby didn't want to wait long after getting home from church to get back on her bike! She did change clothes this time - guess she's just faster than her Daddy. ;)

Here's what Abby wore to church on her birthday. She got the tutu from a friend for her birthday and we happened to have a cute, matching flower clip. New church shoes courtesy of Grams & Grampa. (NONE of her shoes that I bought at the beginning of the summer fit anymore, so these were very timely birthday gifts!)

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