Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today was Abby's first day of preschool! She was super excited to go - I had mixed emotions. :) Ever since she found out where she was going, she's brought up the subject of preschool everyday (it's been at least three months!). She goes Tues/Thurs afternoons for about 2.5 hours a day.

We had soccer practice this morning, then we got some lunch and changed Abby's clothes. I stopped at the far end of the school yard to get her picture with the sign. I told her to get back in the van so we could drive around to the drop off line (her teachers come to pick up the kids) and she wasn't happy about it. "Mom, I just want to walk over there and go to school!"

As we were driving, I had to make a left turn. In the middle of the turn, Abby grabbed my sleeve (I let her sit up front for the 200 yard drive) and wouldn't let go! And I kind of needed my arm right then! I asked her to let go and she said, "But Mommy, I need a kiss now!!" I love that girl!

So, we get to the drop off line and sit in the car to wait for the teachers. We ended up getting out a few minutes before they got there because a friend from church was there dropping off her little boy. The teacher saw and recognized Abby and told her to come join them. I talked for a few minutes, gave Abby a kiss and told her to be good and have fun. I got in the car and drove off....

....and cried a little. Not too much, I was proud of myself. But when my friend Leslie called, I told her not to talk about it or I would quickly turn into a basket case!!

I'm so excited for Abby to have this experience. She's a fabulous big sister but I know she gets tired of just me and the babies all the time. And, I admit, I am excited to only have two kids for a few hours a week. It's amazing how easy two seems (even if they are twins) when you're used to chasing three.

But it's sad for me to realize that my oldest child is really growing up. It's the most amazing thing to watch a (not-so) little person grow up.

In front of the school sign.

A close up of the cute pre-k girl. She picked out the shirt herself and bought with her very own birthday money from her great-grandparents. (Thanks, Meemaw & Pa!!) She picked it out because it has "an iPod like Daddy's!"

Sparkly, new kicks courtesy of Grams & Grampa for her birthday!

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