Monday, August 02, 2010

Happy birthday, Cami & Emma!!

I can't believe our babies are a year old!! Their birthday was Saturday, July 31. (It's also their great-grandma's birthday - she turned 75. Happy birthday, Meemaw!)

We had a fun little party with a few friends. Zac grilled hot dogs and we had chips, nachos, watermelon and homemade cupcakes to go along. Our friend, Celeste, was sweet enough to let us borrow her backyard, since we don't have one. :)

PS - My original goal was to post different pics on here than I did on Facebook. Not sure how well that worked, so if you are on both you may see repeat pictures. Good thing my kids are cute enough to look at twice. hahaha

The two 'smash' cakes for two babies....

Cute Zoe held Emma for about an hour while she slept. We found out Sunday that Emma has a really bad ear infection. She was not a happy camper on her birthday. So sad....

Cami, however, was all over the place during the party. She loved having so many little girls that were madly in love with her!!

Proud parents - aren't we cute wearing the party colors? :)

This girl cracks me up!! She makes the funniest little faces! And I love that she has the Houldridge/Hansen ears that so many of my siblings' kids have. Abby has them, too. Love it!

First potato chip....a day to remember. :)

Miss Emma - my poor baby didn't feel good at all. :(

"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...."

Those eyes can just pierce through your heart! So glad that one of my kids has big eyes - they sure didn't get them from me.

Stripped down for cake but had to open presents first. :) Most of their presents were in joint packaging (not complaining at ALL - just making note). These super cute tutus from the Chandlers were their individual gifts.

Cami loves to empty boxes and baskets, so she thought presents were totally awesome!

"Let them eat cake!"

The cake proved to be too much for Cami...

The dangers of being a baby with long hair...or long side burns, in Emma's case. ;)

Celeste was kind enough to let us borrow her laundry room sink for clean up!

Happy birthday to my sweet twins!! We were shocked to find out you were coming but I honestly cannot imagine our lives without you. Love all of my girls!!


The Slack Family said...

How fun! They are pretty darn cute little one year olds! Looks like they had a great time, sorry we missed it :(

Christine said...

cute, cute, cute! Even with an ear infection! I especially loved the sugar 'coma' :o) Glad ya'll had a good time.