Saturday, November 08, 2008


"Sarah, you're posting about Halloween and it was over a week ago...."

Yes, I KNOW!  But we've got to get this stinking internet line fixed.  It makes posting pictures a real pain the booty.  Zac's been up to the office once, and that was after I went up there once.  So I'm going to leave it for his honey-do list to get it taken care of before I get home.  lol

Our Halloween week actually started the Monday before (Oct 27) at the Draper Haunted Hollow.  It was little community family event and it was pretty fun.  We met up with Jake, Sarah and their kids (Jake is Zac's new manager) and that was fun.  Their little boy, Tate, is 3 and Abby adores him.  But these pictures were all taken before the Whites got there.  Here we go...

Things got off to a rough start at the Draper Haunted Hollow....

...because Abby was NOT fond of this guy.  In her defense, aside from the scary mask, he was wearing platform moon shoe things and was about eight feet tall.  I'd be scared if I was only three feet tall...

But then he gave her a sucker and all was right with the world.  :o)

After getting the sucker, she was a little more inclined to be civil with this nice lady.  (Man, I look like a dork...)

They had lots of booths set up with different games and things.  At this booth, we used colored glitter glue to make pictures.  We made a picture of three little "punkins" to take home.

Another booth tied doughnuts to strings so that the bigger kids could eat them without using their hands.  Funny to watch.  The little kids just got to eat the doughnuts.  To the best of my knowledge, Abby hasn't had more than, maybe, three doughnuts in her life.  She devoured this one.

The kids all had little cards that they got signed/stamped after they did a game.  Then they could turn in their cards (even if they weren't complete) and get a free pumpkin from the historic Sorenson home.  (Not sure what this place is all about, but they do a lot of stuff there).  Abby picked out a cute little pumpkin with a nice handle for carrying.  :o)

Then we met up with the Whites, hung out for awhile at the Haunted Hollow, then ordered a pizza and brought it back to our apartment.  We watched the new Indiana Jones while the kids played.  Woo hoo.

And so we got to Halloween day.   Long story short - some things happened that made me very upset with Denver Matress.  But because Jake is awesome and because my sweet hubby loves me through all my craziness, it all worked out.  

Halloween was a gorgeous day until, of course, about 6:00 when it started sprinkling.  I already had Abby in her costume.  So when Zac got home around 7:00, we braved the sprinkles and went to about 15 houses in the nearby neighborhood.  That was enough for Abby and we were able to get some good pictures!

Early in the afternoon, Abby decided to dress up as the Tin Man...

Eating a healthy dinner to prep us for all the candy!
(Thanks to Aunt Christine for the cute Halloween shirt!)

In full Abby Cadabby ("Abby Abby") ensemble.  Of course, she had to have some fruit snacks ("foo nacks") after dinner.  The girl's addicted...

Walking around the neighborhood with Mommy and Daddy.  
Rich neighbors = good candy!

Deep in though..." 'Trick or treat'...I can do this..."  Really, she didn't say trick-or-treat at all, I had to say it for her.  But she DID say "thank you" every time, which is more important anyway!

Everybody thought Abby Cadabby was so cute and usually let her pick out an extra piece of candy.  

At home, (almost) naked and eating a Tootsie Pop....who could ask for more?

Happy Halloween!!


Christine Allison said...

Too Cute! I'm glad her little T-shirt fit her :o) Happy Halloween (even if it's a little late!)

TroxelTribe said...

Ahhh, how sweet! Her costume is ADORABLE!

Natalie said...

I think I would be afraid of the Frankinstien too. Abby looks so cute as Abby Caddaby and the Tin man.:)