Friday, November 28, 2008


So, we went to the White's house for Thanksgiving. It was fun! They also invited Ray (their district mgr) and his family, and Jake's parents were there. It adds up to 8 adults and 6 kids. Having Thanksgiving with a bunch of people raised in the Midwest included foods that we Southerners aren't so used to! :o) Our menu included:
*Ham (I brought it!)
*Mashed potatoes/Gravy
*Butternut squash
(I've never had stuffing, but it was pretty good)
*Cranberry sauce
*Pear jello salad
(Apple, chocolate mousse, mincemeat, pumpkin)
*Cute little reindeer cookies
(Sugar cookies with Reeses cups bodies, Reeses pieces feathers and licorice waddles. CUTE!)
I feel like I'm missing something, but this covers the basics. Zac tried the mincemeat pie and said it was "interesting." He ate the whole piece, so it must have been a good interesting. I stuck with the chocolate mousse and reindeer cookies.
After dinner, Sarah and I went to find a newspaper...took a little bit of driving, but we got one! While we girls perused the sale ads, the boys got comfy on the couch:
Jake and his Dad are on the couch by the window, along with Shelby the dog. Ray and Zac are there on the right. None of the boys even moved when the camera flashed! Sarah and I ended up going to Shopko and Michaels to looks for some Thanksgiving Day sales. Didn't buy anything - but it was nice to get out of the house for some Mommy Time.

The kids had a good time playing. Jake & Sarah have a HUGE basement that makes a great playroom. Abby came upstairs and pulled on Jake's pant leg to show him her newest toy discovery:

She's taking her OSHA heritage very seriously. hahahaha And of course, she was sporting her Razorback cheerleading outfit. Woooo, Pig Soooie!!!

So, we had a pretty fun Thanksgiving. Very different - only my second Thanksgiving being away from family. How was yours?

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