Saturday, November 08, 2008


Tuesday night was bad.  Abby woke up around 2:00am and, after time in the bed with  Mommy and on the couch with Daddy, didn't have a lot of luck going back to sleep.  Finally, around 6:30 she fell asleep in the bed with me.  (By the way, this is not normal for her; once she's asleep, she generally stays that way.)  After all that, none of us woke up until after 10:00.  Abby and I woke up when Zac yelled, "Holy crap!"  I nearly jumped out of the bed!  He came in the  bedroom and said, "Look outside!!"

About six inches of snow had fallen during the night.  Zac went out  around 10:00pm Tuesday night for McDonald's french fries (we binged on fries because we were mourning the election results) and it wasn't snowing at all.  So all of this came in the middle of the night.  By the time we got up, though, all the roads and sidewalks were  cleared and kids were in school.  Totally not the way it would have worked in Arkansas!

So we got some breakfast, got dressed and headed to the nearby park to play in the snow.  Besides the playground area, there's also a huge field that they use for various kids sports.  It was so pretty to see the snow everywhere!

Abby and Daddy couldn't pass up the chance to slide, even in the snow!

And then, of course, we all had to swing.

These are just a few pics of our awesome neighborhood park.  Here's the Little Tykes playground set.

And this is the big playground set.

And a picture of the skate/bike park.

So, we were the only dorks out playing in the snow because people here in Utah just don't appreciate it.  lol  But I can get used to that...


Christine Allison said...

I'm so jealous!! I'd love for you to bring some with you when you head back to the south this week, but you can leave it ALL up there in January! hehehe Miss ya!

TroxelTribe said...

Haaa ha That's what its like living here in the western mountains :) I'm surprised that it hadn''t already dumped before now. Normally we have a huge storm in either Sep or Oct. This year has been really mild so far. I'm glad you guys had fun - every kid should be able to play in the snow growing up! Sophie has been wearing her snow boots constantly for 2 days now, but we don't have snow yet!

Natalie said...

Just reading this post makes me want some Hot chocolate. I must be an Arizona girl because when I saw the pictures I thought, "Oh, the poor Elliots have to live where it snows." But it looks loke you guys had a lot of fun in it.