Monday, November 03, 2008

Political soapbox

Anyone that knows me can easily figure out (I think) which side of the political fence I'm on. If you don't agree with my politics, you might skip this post. It's basically a rant.

Zac has an obsession with Fox News. I would rather, especially right now, watch Food Network or a stupid soap opera. Anything to get away from all the craziness of this blasted election. Right now they are streaming live from NObama's rally in Florida. And I just can't make sense of all of this....

"I'm going to give teachers higher salaries!!
I'm going to make sure everyone has insurance!!
Insurance will have to cover all of your problems!!
I'm going to tax big business!!
Businesses have to use clean energy!!"

And, while doing all of this.....

"I'm going to lower taxes!!"

HUH? Maybe it's just the mathmetician in me (there isn't much of one..) but I don't see how that works. And if you tax all these businesses and insurance companies, don't you figure they'll have to pass the buck to somebody? Hmmm...

Now, I'm John McCain's biggest fan. I kinda think this election is the lesser of two evils, as most elections are. I just don't see how people can really believe the promises that any politician makes. 2+2=4, not 3. And they just can't seem to get that.

The biggest thing that keeps me on the right side of the fence is abortion. How can you have a child, want a child or love a child and think that abortion is ok? I have too many friends that can't have babies and WANT them. And people think that those precious baby lives can just be thrown away. I just can't wrap my brain around that one.

Yes, I think that certain people should be helped. My grandmother depends on her social security - we need to protect that. My nephew is covered by a government sponsored insurance. But really - the rules are too loose. As a bank teller, I cashed too many government aid checks for PERFECTLY NORMAL PEOPLE - my faith in our government is a little jaded.

But, I've voted. I cast my vote for the people that I think will do the best job and will uphold the values that I've been taught. And that's my civic duty.

I'm off my soapbox now. I promise to post a happy, upbeat Halloween post as soon as Zac gets his camera out of the car. :o)

If you're interested in seeing my adorable daughter proclaim our political views, check her out on YouTube.


Natalie said...

Abby Kadabby is so cute! I feel the same way you do on your political soapbox. P.S. I will be here for twighlight! Horray!

kirsten said...

Mann, you never get on political rants.. it makes me happy:)