Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday favorites

Zac and I got an invitation to have Thanksgiving dinner with the White family. Jake is Zac's manager and his wife, Sarah, is my new buddy. So we are trying to decide what we want to take to dinner and it got us started on our favorite holiday foods. I will try to post recipes on my Excellent Eats blog in the coming weeks. We don't care for a lot of the traditional holiday foods like dressing (I know my MIL is reading this and probably just had a stroke) but there are still lots of foods we do like. Some aren't traditional at all...but still good.

**My fruit salad (my nephew, Dylan's, favorite!)
**Meemaw's Oreo ice cream
**Sheila's pecan cobbler (Holy crap - this stuff will up your blood sugar to 1,000,000 but it is SOOOO GOOOOD!!!)
**Mamaw's pound cake with vanilla sauce
**Hope's sausage balls
**Hope's sopapilla cheesecake (Zac saw me type Hope's name on the sausage balls and told me to add this one pretty quickly)
**My dad's fried turkey
**My pineapple & brown sugar glazed ham
**Aunt Donna's layered salad (this is a new one, it's yummy)
**My homemade rolls

I'm sure there are more and I will probably add to this list. What are your favorite holiday foods?

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Rick said...

Well...for two people who don't like dressing very much, you sure have made a lot of it disappear in the past! Oh well, more for me this year.

P.S. You missed my newest creation, tortilla rollups with bacon,cream cheese and lots of jalapenos. Just a little sour cream for a garnish - yum!

Right now, I'm making a cherry, pinapple divinity pie.

Wish you were here. Love ya!