Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Abby's first pedi/mani

While we were in Arkansas, I painted Abby's toenails. She had seen me painting mine and wanted hers done, too. We went with a nice, light pink that wasn't too much for a little girl. Cute, huh?

Later that day, Kirsten came over to my parents and painted her fingernails. Apparently Abby liked the color she chose because that night, I discovered Abby giving herself a manicure. THANKFULLY, the polish was only on her, not my Mom's recliner! Here are some pictures of the beauty treatment...

She did a really good job of sitting still through her nail polish remover bath. :/ I guess I'm grateful that it was just fingernail polish, not scissors to her hair or something...I think I'd still be in tears if that were the case.
Let this be a lesson to you all...keep nail polish lids tightly closed!! :)


Mary said...

Very cute - my kids painted their nails once on the stairs - yes nail polish all over the carpet - yikes! so keep thoses lids on TIGHT

TroxelTribe said...

ahhh, lucky that it wasn't everywhere. Sophie got into my makeupthe other day and it was all over her face, hair, feet, hands, the wall, and the carpet. I still can't get it out of the carpet!