Friday, February 27, 2009

Five years ago today....

I can't believe it's been five years since Zac & I got married!! Sometimes that seems like a short amount of time, but sometimes I feel like we've been together forever (in a good way!)!! Amazing what five years can do - we now have a 2 yr old, twins on the way, and live in freakin' Utah!! EIK!!!! In blogging honor of our fifth anniversary, I decided I would fill out this little 'wedding survey' that I found on my sister's Facebook....


1) When was your wedding day? February 28, 2004
2) What day of the week was it? Saturday
3) Did you get married in a church? We got married in our Church's temple in Memphis, TN and had a big ring ceremony/reception at our church building in North Little Rock, AR
4) How many in your wedding party? 2 groomsmen, 3 bridesmaids, 1 flower girl and 2 ringbearers
5) Where was your reception? At our church
6) How many guests were invited to your wedding? A whole lot...more than actually showed up, of course, but we still had a crowd
7) How long did you wait to Tie The Knot after your proposal? Three months :)
8) Who did you hire as your photographer & videographer? Kat, a friend of Zac's, was our excellent photographer. A guy from church videotaped it but I don't think we ever got it...
9) Did you have a DJ or a band? Jeff Cook's amazing string quartet for the ceremony and then a CD we compiled for the dancing/reception music
10) Did your father walk you down the aisle? No; we were already technically married, so we walked in together at the ring ceremony
11) What color were the bridesmaid dresses & groomsmen vests? Burgandy dresses for the ladies; no tuxes for the guys - they wore suits with silver ties
12) Who was your Maid Of Honor/Best Man? Sherry/Eli
13) Did you have a Bridal Shower? Yup, I was a lucky lady and had three
14) What type of limo did you get? My 1996 Honda Accord :)
15) Where did you go for your Bachelorette/Bachelor Party? Mom's house, Chellie's house, and the church
16) What type of wedding gown/tux did you two wear? Mom made my wedding gown and Zac wore his black suit
17) How was the weather? Gorgeous!! Blue skies and hardly any clouds, it was beautiful!
18) Where did you go on your Honeymoon? We stayed in Little Rock the first night and then went to Eureka Springs
19) What was your favorite part of your wedding day? There were lots of favorites, of course!! :)
20) How long have you been married? FIVE YEARS TODAY!!

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Mary said...

Congratulations! on 5 years!!