Friday, March 12, 2010

Dance class!!!

Tuesday was Abby's final dance class. She's had SO MUCH fun in her class. The school district is starting another session at the end of the month but since we'll be gone for a good chunk of April/May, it wouldn't make much sense to start. She has told me that she wants to play soccer, too - so, we'll see what happens this fall.

Here are a few pictures and videos from dance class. I, personally, am going to miss the weekly dose of humor that came with it. :)

Sitting on the stage before class with Miss Erin and Ava.

Daddy wasn't able to come to class every week because of work. He made sure to come for her last class and brought her roses. I'm not sure she totally understood why - but she definitely understood that they are HER flowers. She talks about them every morning when she sees them in the vase. :)

Me and my big girl!

The whole class - a cute group of girls. (See the one in the bright pink tutu? She was a stinker, let me tell you...)

Abby and Miss Erin.

"Ballerina Octopus"
This was actually the last dance they did - they were supposed to curtsy at the end but Abby apparently prefers to just bow. :)

"Under the Sea"
Since we are starting to get very into princess stuff, this was one of her favorites.

"Visit the Moon"
This is a cute song from Sesame Street sung by Ernie.


Christine said...

This brings back memories of my dance classes. I love her rosy cheeks and the fact that her daddy brought her flowers. My daddy always did that too and what a special feeling it is! Miss you guys.

Mandi and Adam Galovan said...

So cute! That looks like lots of fun. And I think it's awesome that Zac brought her flowers.

Jennifer said...

too cute!! Lizzie wants to do dance, I'm looking into it here! I bet she would have as much fun as Abby.
I don't care about the private/public thing as long as you invite me to read it!
Hope the girls are doing better...hey shoot me your address I've got something to send you!