Thursday, March 04, 2010

Poor Cami...

My little Camers is sick. :( Tuesday she slept a lot - which I kind of noticed but didn't think anything of because she wasn't grumpy or anything. That night, we went out with some friends to a new Mexican restaurant in Draper. (Side note: Definitely the best Mexican food we 've found in Utah. Soooo yummy!) When we got home with the kiddos, we noticed that Cami was running a little bit of a fever. Gave her some Tylenol, off to bed and all seemed well.

Wednesday was not well. If she wasn't sleeping or I wasn't holding her, Cami was crying. She was running a fever (102.7° was the highest reading I got - mostly around 101°, though) and obviously felt miserable. So sad. I talked to the nurse at our pediatric clinic and she gave me a few things to keep an eye on; "Bring her in if she gets worse."

When Zac got home, we ate dinner and then I went to Wal-Mart for formula, diapers, etc. (Had to get out of the house after that day.) Zac had two kids asleep and thought he was home free - until Cami threw up all over him. When I came home, he had bathed her and was cleaning up. I snuggled with Cami and tried to make her feel better but she was pretty inconsolable. She threw up again before we all went to bed - her in the bed with me and Zac on the couch. We managed to get a little sleep but she was up for a large portion of the night.

So, this morning we called the office as soon as they opened and got an appointment. Dr. Clayton checked her ears and throat - everything looked fine. He said it could be a urinary tract infection and, if it was, that could signal other problems. We could either wait to see if she got better or go ahead and test a urine sample, which would mean the nurse using a catheter to get the sample. :( We decided to get that option ruled out, so they got the sample. Poor Cami was not happy about it but, thankfully, the nurses are fast! And we're glad we did it - she ended up having a pretty high level of whatever-it-is. They'll run a 48-hr culture and if that comes back as UTI positive, which we're assuming it will, then we'll have to take her to Primary Children's Hospital to have some tests run to be sure she doesn't have urinary reflux. Hopefully we'll know on Saturday if the tests are necessary but that depends on the timing of the might be Tuesday before we know.

So, if you have a little room in your prayers, please send one up for Cami. We are treating her with antibiotics, so hopefully she'll feel better this evening or tomorrow.

SIZE UPDATE: Cami, of course, was weighed today and we went ahead and weighed Emma, too. Left their clothes on, so it's not 100% accurate but close enough. Cami weighs 18 lbs, 14 oz and Emma is now a rotund 20 lbs, 4 oz. Fatty biscuits. :)


Jennifer said...

We've been down that road before. Rebekah had Grade 4 urinary reflux for three and a half years. If you want to talk about it, email or call me. We found out when she was five months old and she ran a fever and within two hours was septic and landed us in the hospital for four days. Not fun!! Anyway, at age 3.5 she got the clear that she had out grown it. We only have to go back for kidney ultrasounds every two years now for a while. But no more meds!!! Seriously, call or email me. I'll help in anyway I can. She is in our prayers.

Mary said...

We love that Dr. Clayton! Hope Cami feels better fast!