Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First trip to the dentist

Last Thursday, Abby made her first trip to the dentist! There was a coupon in our local paper for a free checkup and flouride treatment at a fairly new pediatric dental clinic. Abby's not on our dental insurance yet, so I figured this was the way to go! And if it didn't go well, that's ok - it was free!!

But it actually went fairly well. She was a little freaked out and did cry, but I was very pleased with how well she did!!
The really, really nice hygienist helped Abby pick out a new toothbrush.
She settled on Darby from the new Winnie the Pooh show.

She wasn't really sure about the chair. They tried to lean it back, but that wasn't happening! (Even though Dora was playing on the TV in the ceiling...wish my dentist had that!) I ended up holding her and laying her back into Dr. Richter's lap.

A picture with all of her goodies! A sucker, bag of dental goodies and a 'magic wand'! She's frowning because I made her take a picture before she could eat the sucker!

I was so proud of how well my litle girl did!!

On a different note - look how well she holds her pen! I had to post this one to make Aunt Christine proud! :)

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Christine Allison said...

And what a proud Auntie I am!!! :o) Both for being a big girl at the dentist (since my sister is a hygentist) and for holding that big girl pencil very nicely!! She deserves a great big hug for both!! :o)

Now...if only the rest of my 'kiddos' would do that well...hehehe