Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our Christmas

My family has a long-standing tradition of having our big family get-together on Christmas Eve. Thanks to the wonders of Skype and the internet, we kind of got to be together, even though we are in Utah. Sherry, Jeff and the kids came out to Utah to visit us and Jeff's family, so they were here, along with Chris, the warehouse guy at Zac's store. I made lots of yummy food: mini bacon cheeseburgers wrapped in phyllo dough, potato skins, pigs-in-blankets, cheese dip, Kiss cookies, and chocolate/peanut butter chex mix ("puppy chow"). YUM!!! Here are some pictures from the crazy evening.
My family draws names for gifts - too many of us to buy for everybody! The adults draw between each other and each couple draws a kid's name. Todd & Carrie got Abby's name and got her a GREAT assortment of Color Wonder products. Woo hoo!!
Sherry said that the whole drive out here, Megan kept saying, "I see Abby! MY ABBY!" They had a great time together!

I got an awesome Razorback hoodie and new wallet from Carrie!

I don't where Zac's picture is...but he got new dress pants, Razorback sleep pants and yummy Indulgent Trail Mix from my Dad!

Matthew encouraged this - and then I think he regretted it! :) Abby sat on his face and bounced at one point...hilarious, but I didn't have the camera nearby!

And so we move to Christmas morning. We did our thing and then Skyped with the Arkansas branch of the Elliott family. Abby got a Dora Magic Fizzle Bath Wand. ooooohhh!! :) Megan got one the night before from Hope, and Abby really liked it! Score for Mommy & Daddy!

Wearing her new Abby Cadabby jammies, new cute boots, playing with her new 'puter.

For your sake, I won't tell you what this is - but it was hilarious. hehe (It's not THAT bad)

One of Abby's big presents from Santa. We've been planning this one for awhile!

Her new 'puter that she loves!

We got dressed in our snow clothes to go play in the mini-blizzard. Zac found a Chinese restaurant that was open so I didn't have to cook today!! :) LOVE HIM!!!

Abby likes the snow pretty well unless it's blowing in her face. Some of the drifts were almost half as tall as her!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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