Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

YEA!! I absolutely LOVE Christmas! The music, the decorations, it's all WONDERFUL!!! Last night Zac got out the boxes of stuff and we spread it all around. Our Christmas spirit started on Monday, though, when Zac went to get our tree. We didn't bring our artificial tree with us and decided to buy a real one so that we wouldn't have to store anything!
I've been keeping a friend's kids for a few days while she works. Tate helped Abby and me put the tree stand together.

Here's our cute tree! The artificial one we had was given to us by some friends that were moving overseas. We loved it, but it was a little small and spindly. So having a tall, fat tree is really exciting!!

Getting to the Christmas decorations meant going through lots of other boxes that Zac had expertly packed in our storage closet. These are some boots of Zac's that Abby had fun with.

On to the Christmas decor!! My mom bought us this nativity set for our first Christmas - I love it!!

This nativity is Zac's. My mom has one very similar to it that we put up every year, so it makes me happy to have it!!

I don't care what anyone says, Santa is a part of Christmas. (Not the main part - but still a part) He can co-exist with the nativities, especially in my apartment that lacks display space. :) I've always loved the old world style Santas. Isn't he cute?

Abby discovered that I had a candy cane in my purse and ate THE WHOLE THING. She loved the "canney" and had to have a bath afterward to get rid of all the stickiness!

Zac trying to figure out all the Christmas tree lights...

I feel a tradition coming on. I started making these awesome cookies because I am taking dinner to a family at church tonight. But I think cookie making and decorating could be the beginning of a great tradition. Abby has a lot of fun helping me cook.
"I mik (mix) it! Abby heyulp (help)! Abby turn!"

Chilling in front of the almost completed Christmas tree.

The completed tree. We still need some kind of shiny star or something for the top. I got the gold twirly things in the fake flower dept at Wal-Mart. We like the extra oomph that they add.



Natalie said...

Everything looks beautiful. I agree, Santa looks very comfortable with the Nativities. Oh, was your hair staight in that first picture? It looked good

Christine Allison said...

My mom use to make her chili on the same day we made my great-grandmother's cookie recipe every year that I can remember growing up. I still make her cookies and hope to pass that small, yummy, tradition on some day. :o)

Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!

Elliott family said...
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