Saturday, December 06, 2008


Isn't it funny how little kids fight sleep? And then, as adults, we long for naps and bedtime? Abby has had trouble going to sleep since we moved; but once she's out, she's out!

Looks super comfortable, huh?

And here she is lying on the couch in her jammies with one of her handmade blankies from 'Gramma Juanita,' one of my Mom's best friends. (Mom, make sure she sees this picture!)

She's very particular about this blanket. It's two-sided and if I put the wrong side up, she says, "I want other side!" Crazy girl...

The Dora doll is a new purchase from KB Toys in Park City (the outlet mall!! woo hooo). She carries it everywhere. The My Little Pony is from a Happy Meal. She's getting to be more "little girl' with her toys, not just playing with baby dolls sad. :(


TroxelTribe said...

First, wow - look at all that hair!
Sophie also doesn't play with her baby dolls all too much lately. She's into the teeny barbies from a happy meal, small little figurines, etc. She carries her 'little dollies' everywhere. And she's also particular about her blankets... she won't go to sleep unless they are just perfect.
I'm sure Juanita will love that pic of Abby! She's adorable :)

Elliott family said...

Thanks! I love all her hair - I have to remind myself not to get picky that it's not darker! (Someday - mine used to be It's so sad that they're growing up...but exciting, too. Drat those tough parenting emotions! haha